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Compassionate Crowd funding’s goal is to help more people raise money through online fundraising, meaning more money finds its way to more people. provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your medical fundraiser a true success story.

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In just a few clicks you can create, share and collect support for your online fundraiser. makes it easy to help anyone overcome heal and thrive. Fundraising pages can have video and photo gallery that's front and center. Add your content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or your computer and create an interactive slideshow to showcase your cause.

Why Us

We believe kindness is powerful and that by leveraging today's technology, we can help the world by making the best use of humanity's most valuable untapped resource: compassion. No one should have to face hardship alone. That's why day by day; we are working to create a global giving community on a scale unseen in human history.