Help with medical bills

Seeing a loved one injured or being diagnosed with an illness is one of the hardest things we can face in our lives. Not only is it painful to watch, but it also feels like you are no longer in control of anything around you. There’s nothing more terrifying than feeling like you have no ability to help the one you love. gives you all the tools you need to start and grow your crowdfunding campaign to get the help you need, and you have full control of your medical fundraising .


It's Easy to Spread the Word

Intuitive sharing tools make it easy for you to raise money for medical bills. These easy to use tools greatly increase the chances of your fundraiser going viral. Simply share your story and watch it grow.

Build Relationships With People Who Care

Your medical crowdfunding campaign gives you the power to communicate your story without the burden of having to answer the difficult question “what can I do to help?” Your online fundraiser becomes the place people come to help, get updates and offer words of encouragement.

Raise the Required Funds for Your Medical Needs

Being sick or injured is expensive, with or without health insurance. is dedicated to compassionate crowdfunding, meaning we are devoted to making sure those in need receive the desired medical assistance.