Help Oluwatobi Emmanuel Rominiyi Get Back on His Feet

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This is Mr Emmanuel, he was involved in an accident (involving a tricycle & a lorry -tipper carrying sand) which claimed two lives instantly on his way to get a job on the 8th of January, 2020 in Warri, Nigeria. He is presently receiving treatment at Ughelli General Hospital where he was rushed to but he still needs ₦1,703,560 for an urgent operation on his left leg that was broken which is said needs to be done within five days so as to save it. Pls help us raise this fund and make him get back on his feet. Thank you in advance for donating towards this cause. God bless you all.

Fundraising For: Oluwatobi Emmanuel Rominiyi
Location: Ughelli General Hospital
Organizer: Folasayo Owolabi


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$48.43 Sharon O.
Walk now bro
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All I can do
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$10.89 Lawrencia T.
God bless
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$85.47 Imudia E.
God help us
$569.80 Eniola S.
Get well soon
$569.80 Evelyn O.
$142.45 Chukwunwike J.
$28.49 Onoja B.
All the best
$284.90 seth O.
happy new year, you will walk
$65.53 Anonymous Donor
the lord is your strength
$2.85 Janet J.
very soon bro
$71.23 Valarie K.
Naija, fix roads!!!!
$74.05 Eric U.
lets be careful
$28.49 Franklin A.
value life
$76.92 Nuru A.
$18.52 Rachael J.
stay safe
$142.45 Timothy E.
get well
$28.49 Enoch N.
$14.25 Onyinyechi A.
safe people
$487.18 Anonymous Donor
$284.90 Emmanuel T.
wellness in the name of God
$356.13 Ejiogu D.
Nothing God cannot do, lets come together
$52.71 Anyagba C.
$13.68 Anonymous Donor
Emmanuel, you are well
$199.43 Sonia L.
$185.19 Cecilia O.
$28.49 Chikogu C.
$227.92 Ugwunweze M.
all well
$713.53 Enyioma O.
Lets do this
$467.24 Yomi A.
God first. Please share
$985.75 Jason P.
$14.25 Nsisong j.
$31.34 Amaka G.
I will vist you
$111.11 Godspower L.
$65.53 Thomas A.
God does not sleep brother
$5.70 Dominion B.
$145.30 Ahmed M.
I have seen something close to this , value lifes
$474.36 Stephen a.
$282.05 Anonymous Donor
$71.23 Anonymous Donor
stay positive
$284.90 Qosim B.
$512.82 Samuel E.
we rise by lifting others
$598.29 Nnamdi A.
$21.37 Egornu h.
make sure you help
$8.26 Allu D.
i wish i can do more
$398.86 abuh a.
get well soon
$8.55 Ekanem E.
$2.85 Udeh C.
blessings from god
$91.17 Ogbo D.
Emmanuel , god bless you
$450.14 Oweimieotu J.
$28.49 Amaechi I.
let us pray
$54.13 Benjamin O.
nothing god cannot do
$71.23 Iyanu J.
$826.21 Anonymous Donor
$712.25 Anonymous Donor
$4.56 Linus n.
you will walk again god is here
$156.70 Mariam K.
no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper
$71.23 Jerkins J.
$390.31 Anonymous Donor
just saw this, I need to reach out
$284.90 Anonymous Donor
$672.36 Godbless P.
procedure should go smoothly
$175.21 Silver O.
$142.45 Utibe a.
we will make it
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$612.54 Fiyin O.
$142.45 King R.