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Help Emmanuel use his penis again

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Location: Lagos
Help Emmanuel use his penis again

Many of us reading this have been to the toilet today without any difficulty, no one has distanced themselves from us because they feel we stink... This is not the case of Emmanuel, he has been going through this situation for a few years now.

A couple of years ago, active and playful 9 year old Emmanuel was climbing a ladder when he fell and hit his groin area on a piece of brick , he was rushed down to the hospital, where an emergency surgery was performed on Emmanuel.

A catheter was placed in him to help pass out urine, with the hope that his condition would improve, Emmanuel has been in and out of the hospital, during this period, he lost his mother, and life went from bad to worse. His education stopped, depression set in, with no friends, he was left all alone.

Emmanuel has a dream of becoming a lawyer, how can this be achieved with the great pain he faces, it gets worse when the catheter is blocked.
Medical consultants handling his case have clearly stated that his situation can be redeemed, he can make use of his penis again. Imagine what it will feel like for Emmanuel being able to function as a MAN.

He needs a surgery that will cost [N]500,000 . As Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” We can help Emmanuel win this battle.


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